Katie Chin

Women of the Week Feature #2: Katie Chin

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We are proud to announce our second Women of the Week: Katie Chin.

Katie is a 3rd year student in the Law LLB program who hails from Hong Kong.

She has been extensively involved on campus having held the positions of Editor-in-Chief of LSE’s Law Review and the logistics officer for the annual LSE’s Emerging Markets Forum. This year, she is currently President of the Law Society.

She has demonstrated her passion for volunteering in numerous ways. During her first year at LSE, she volunteered regularly as an employment caseworker at a refugee centre while contributing research to a study on human trafficking for the Wonder Foundation. Given her adventurous personality, she has done an abseil off the Senate House Library’s roof to fundraise money for a charity helping the homeless. She has also personally raised £2300 as part of her Mt Kilimanjaro charity climb for Dig Deep charity. When asked about her numerous volunteering experiences and future endeavours, Katie responded ‘I’m excited to have more time to pursue volunteering from a more legal perspective during my gap year before my training contract at a law firm’

Finally, when asked why leadership is important to her during this interview, Katie said, ‘Leadership can be scary because you feel like you’re under a magnifying glass but I am a firm believer that if you are passionate for your team and what you want to achieve you can always push past whatever limitations you see in yourself. I think three words can describe my experience in leadership: terrifying, but also amusing and fulfilling. Terrifying because I always panicked that I wouldn’t be able to meet my own expectations. Amusing because it can feel like a double-life: staying organized for my team and the Law Department whilst secretly panicking that I will singlehandedly bring down a student society of 600 law students! And finally fulfilling because leading groups gave me the opportunity to make a real difference in the areas I really care about. This included making the Law Society’s events more charitable and diversified or founding the LSE Law Review from scratch with the help of an amazing team. That’s why being a leader has been important for me.’

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