Your 2018-2019 Committee

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President – Megan Ng

I am a third year economics major. My role is to guide the team to continuously deliver more and better opportunities and experiences for our members. Together I hope to further develop the society as a supportive community that empowers women to pursue their aspirations fearlessly. I am also passionate about mountain climbing, marathon running, turtle conservation projects and
good brunches.

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Co- Vice President – Shareka Logendran

I am a third year Law student and have been part of WiB since my first year at LSE. I truly love working with this incredible team in striving to support other university women in their career progression. In my free time, I enjoy reading, cooking and a good cup of coffee.

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Co- Vice President – Cecile Nicole Miller

I’m a third year Economics student, with a particular interest in the aviation industry and feminist Economics. I’ve been on the WiB team for all 3 years of my degree; surrounding myself with motivated, talented, confident ladies makes me feel ready to take on the world, no matter what it throws at me! If I’m not glued to my laptop planning out the next fab opportunity for our WiB members, you’ll probably find me at the theatre, a drag show, or indulging in afternoon tea.

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Secretary – Ness Tangjetanapon

Hello, I’m Ness! I currently study BA Geography, and am this year’s WiB secretary. The past year with WiB has been such a fantastic experience: getting to know other passionate women, learning from the best firms and helping to organize all of these opportunities. In this upcoming year, I am extremely excited to have a bigger role to support other women, contribute and expand this amazing society! Other than this, I love watching TV shows and enjoy eating good food in my free time.


izzy wib
Treasurer – Isabella Oratore

My role in WiB is to handle the finances and avoid all liquidity crises! In my spare time I am found rock climbing, writing or being in awe of my amazing WiB committee


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Co-Head of Events – Annabelle Lee Xiaoyi

Hey! I’m Annabelle, a second year BSc Government and Economics student and this year’s co-head of events. More about me as a person: I’m from Malaysia but studied in the UK for A-levels. Always up for a good time and a lover of musical theatre. 

I have had several experiences arranging events in the past, through being a subcommittee member of both LSE’s investment society and BFG. I was also the chairman of sixth form, for which I took full responsibility in organizing our annual muck up day and graduation ball. My aim for the next year is to organize events which will put you in good stead for your future career prospects – let it be your spring week/summer internship applications for investment banking, consultancy, or even within the fintech industry. Not only this, but I want to organize frequent social events for our members, allowing you to build vital relationships within the women in business committee.

This society is an amazing opportunity for you to explore your future career options as well as to meet like-minded women who are all in the same position as you! I look forward to seeing you at our events.


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Co-Head of Events – Kyra Cheng Jiaying

I am Kyra, a second year BSc Management and your Co-Head of Events for 2018/19. A preview about me: I tend to keep myself extremely busy about what I am passionate about (which of course includes WiB) but I do love building personal relationships with people and giving really good life advice, always happy for a coffee anytime!

Having joined in the Events Subcommittee in my first year (as well as tons of other subcomms), I can honestly say that this is one of the best decisions/societies to join. Women in Business has been wonderful in all areas – be it preparing myself for my career by leveraging the impressive number of sponsors that we have access to, or meeting incredibly talented, motivated and like-minded ladies like yourselves. 

This year, I am excited to organise more useful and fun events including interactive workshops and even a form a potential alliance with other career-oriented women societies in London which will include more exciting opportunities (do keep a lookout! 😉 I believe WiB is a society where you can really gain a lot from and I look forward to meeting all of you at our events!


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Co- Head of Marketing – Baileyann Nghiem

Hi, I’m Bailey, a first year BSc International Relations student and this year’s co-head of Marketing. A few facts about me: I’m a beach (not pool) person, a dog (not cat) person, and a bubbles (not balloons) person.

I have some background in marketing as I worked in sales & marketing for a start-up tourism company and am excited to start this new year with you! I aim to make a difference by connecting you with events, mentors, and opportunities through social media platforms and posters around the school. In addition to this, I can’t wait to get to know you at events and through participation in the Women of LSE initiative.

Women in Business represents a great opportunity for you to explore your interests in a supportive environment with other ambitious and interesting women, I can’t wait to see you on campus and at events!


Co- Head of Marketing – Ankita Aggarwal

Hi, I’m Ankita, a second year BSc Management student and this years co-head of Marketing. I am from India and enjoy painting and sketching in my free time, and also love reading about different startups. I am also the Vice Head of the LSESU India Forum (LIF). 

I do have experience in marketing as in my first year I was part of the design team of LIF and there I designed the posters, banners and standees, and snapchat filters for the event. I also helped with many other things on the day of the conference. 

This will be a very good opportunity for me to gain some more insight into how marketing is done for events and will be a great opportunity for me to meet new people. I cannot wait to meet everyone on campus and at the events!!
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Co-Head of External Partnerships -Nur Aishah binti Abdullah

Hi, I’m Aishah! Im a first year LLB Law student and your Co-Head of External Partnership. I love to talk and write a lot (so feel free to come and have a chat with me over coffee). Absolutely love travelling, trying new cuisine, and learn different culture.
I have always been passionate women empowerment, and for me, WiB is that platform, bringing us all together creating an amazing group dynamic of inspirational, ambitious, and highly driven ladies.

My mantra in life is to be a Girl with Guts, let’s grow together, learn together and be the bold, beautiful, successful women we aspire to be. Take every opportunity out there, and make the most of your university years. Cheers!

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Co-Head of External Partnerships – Cynthia Anyadi

I’m Cynthia, a first year BA geography student and this year’s Co-Head of External Partnerships. 

I’m passionate about connecting women at LSE with people who inspire them and opportunities that they’re passionate about. For me, WiB is a place to find support and encouragement, and a place to see other ambitious, hard-working women succeeding in some of the most competitive industries. 

I’m really looking forward to seeing this society grow to new heights and I’m excited to see you all at some of our amazing events over the coming year!

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