RBS Networking Dinner – 14 October

Exclusive opportunity from our sponsor! This opportunity is open to 1st and 2nd year students from all degrees.

RBS Networking Dinner – 14 October 18.30-21.00
You won’t be invited because you’re a woman.

You’ll be invited because you’ve shown a genuine interest in the world of banking, and you’ve got what it takes to build a successful career with RBS.

Over three courses, you’ll get to spend time with RBS representatives across a range of levels, giving you plenty of opportunity to make a great impression and find out what it’s really like working within RBS.

To register for a place, please send a copy of your CV to lsewomeninbusiness@gmail.com by 7 October and you will be contacted should you be invited to the event.

If you cannot attend but would like to find out more about RBS events and opportunities, please visit yourpassionyourpotential.rbs.com.

Congratulations LSE Freshers!

A warm welcome to all incoming Freshers! Congratulations on getting into LSE – you’ve all made it! There is only one more month to go until we can personally welcome you all to LSE at the Fresher’s Fair.

Coming to university, moving into halls and for many of you, coming to a new city or country, is an exciting but scary experience. We have all been in your shoes, so we are all here to help you to settle into your new life! Right now, we’re busy preparing for our Fresher’s Fair stall (and goodie bags!!), freshers events and subcommittee applications. Come and say hi at our stall in September – we are all very friendly!

For advice on coming to LSE and London, check out the LSE Student Union Tumblr and LSESU.com.

Congratulations again and see you all in a month’s time!

WiB committee

Thank You.


Hi everyone! Stephanie here, the President of WiB for 2014/2015. This might be a long post, with several lists, so brace yourselves 😉

On Thursday, 12th of March, the Executive Committee for 2014/2015 stepped down, giving way to our newly elected committee led by Chloe as our new President. It has been an amazing year for the society and for myself, personally, leading the society. A brief overview of some of the things we’ve done this year:

– We’ve organized four image branding workshops this year, giving our members a full package of self-branding skills

– Rebranded our annual keynote event to Portraits of Progress, with Ashanti Omkar as our keynote speaker and woman panelists holding mainly senior positions in their companies, each of them having outstanding personalities and inspiring stories.

– Collaborated with Women Leaders of Tomorrow and the LSESU Women’s Network to organize the week-long Red Lips Project to celebrate International Women’s Day. It started off with a highly attended Launching Night with Connie Jackson as keynote speaker, a Red Lips – “Get Powerful” photo booth in the Student Centre throughout the week, a feature in the AU’s Fight Night and finally, ending with a bang on Friday with our Closing Party in Sway Bar

– A private dinner with Dessi Bell, founder of WiB, who after working with JP Morgan for 5 years, founded the award-winning brand Zaggora and has just started a new company called Bijoux Place (http://bijouxplace.com/). There was such a high demand, we organized another dinner with her!

– Fun and casual cocktail night with the UCLU Women in Finance Society

Just going through that list makes me tremendously grateful for the all the things that have happened with the society and as you might have guessed, a huge THANK YOU is due:

– To our members for supporting us throughout the year with your attendances to our events. Thanks for being so engaged in all of the event, thereby making them far better than we expected and thanks also for all your suggestions

– To all the societies we’ve collaborated with – among others, the Business Society, Economics Society, Investment Society, UCLU’s Women in Finance Society and most of all, the Women Leaders of Tomorrow. We’ve learnt much from working with each of you!

– To our generous sponsors who have gone beyond giving us financial sponsorships by giving our members numerous opportunities for improving their networks and experiences through organizing events with us

– To Mandy Lehto of CMB Images for your stellar workshops

– To all the invited speakers who graced our various events, you remind us how powerful a women’s network can be

And last but definitely not least a huge THANK YOU and bucket loads of love to the committee (including the subcommittees, of course!) for your work throughout the year. The energy, initiative and dedication from each one of you contributed to this year’s success and personally, I’ve learnt a lot from working with all of you.

As to the new committee, I wish only the best for you and may the coming year be an even greater one for WiB!