Kyra Cheng Jiaying

Co-Head of Events

I am Kyra, a second year BSc Management and your Co-Head of Events for 2018/19. A preview about me: I tend to keep myself extremely busy about what I am passionate about (which of course includes WiB) but I do love building personal relationships with people and giving really good life advice, always happy for a coffee anytime!

Having joined in the Events Subcommittee in my first year (as well as tons of other subcomms), I can honestly say that this is one of the best decisions/societies to join. Women in Business has been wonderful in all areas – be it preparing myself for my career by leveraging the impressive number of sponsors that we have access to, or meeting incredibly talented, motivated and like-minded ladies like yourselves.

This year, I am excited to organise more useful and fun events including interactive workshops and even a form a potential alliance with other career-oriented women societies in London which will include more exciting opportunities (do keep a lookout! 😉 I believe WiB is a society where you can really gain a lot from and I look forward to meeting all of you at our events!